Information About Haywards Heath in West Sussex

April 27, 2016

Located in West Sussex, Haywards Heath is thirty six miles away from London, to the South. It is a part of the Mid Sussex District, which is a district belonging to West Sussex. The town is located near Brighton as well, about twelve miles to the north. It is considered a commuter town, with its residents often commuting each day on the train. They go to the nearby towns of Gatwick, Crawley, and London, of course.

The town’s name is derived from the Old English words meaning “hedge enclosure.” A local legend among residents claims that a highwayman named Jack is responsible for the name of the town. However, this version is considered quite apocryphal.

Haywards Heath is considered a relatively modern development. It did not begin to be what it is today until 1841, which is when the London and Brighton Railway arrived. The town’s station opened the same year, on July 12.

Historically, a lot of interesting things occurred in Haywards Heath. For example, in 1859, it became the site of the Sussex County Lunatic Asylum, which later became known as St. Francis Hospital. One of the largest cattle market’s in the United Kingdom opened there the same year. It operated until 1989, when it had to close due to the building and opening of Sainsbury’s.

There are a lot of local attractions in Haywards Heath, as well as many cultural attractions. Insofar as nightlife goes, Broadway is home to many restaurants and bars. Victoria Park is quite well known. Clair Hall is a community center which often houses various events.

There are quite a few gardens and other recreational areas. Many of them are used for Town Day, which occurs every year in the early part of September. The celebration culminates in a fireworks display which takes place in Victoria Park.

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